Fusing a love of material provenance with our client’s passion for Pop Art palettes, we developed a series of eight, vivid sculptural works spanning 500 feet of atrium space inside of Drayton Mills Lofts. Each piece utilizes an assemblage of objects salvaged from the building’s past life as a textile mill and incorporates natural imagery closely associated with the Upstate region of South Carolina. The focal point of this sculptural array is two larger works flanking a footbridge that leads over the atrium space. In addition to objects and imagery, these pieces feature various custom-designed fonts and function as signage for the mill. Working against precedents of typical sign creation and aligning more with concepts found in street writing, these pieces are designed to conceal their message at first by using an eclectic mix of typefaces that become the immediate point of interest before the words themselves. 
In addition to the interior works, we executed outdoor signage on a retaining wall that greets residents and guests when entering the mill’s grounds.
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